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Ghilaf e Ka'aba was built in Pakistan.

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Every year, during the preparation of the Kaaba cover, Pakistani pilgrims also bring small pieces of the Kaaba cover for Hajj and Umrah.

But do you know that a year has passed since the cover of the Kaaba was made in Pakistan 6 decades ago?

According to a report in Urdu News, in 1962, a Saudi delegation visited various factories in Pakistan for the production of Kiswah, and then Waheeduddin Ansari of Karachi (who used to make silk fabrics) started a silk house. Made. The task of preparing the Kaaba was entrusted.

According to the report, the Saudi government made a small piece to test the quality of the fabric before making the Kaaba cover, which King Saud liked so much that he entrusted the work of making the Kaaba cover to the Silk House.

In an interview given to Urdu News, Wahiduddin’s son Rizwanullah said that his father made special green silk covers for the cover of the Kaaba in 1962 and the inner cover of the Kaaba and Ruza Rasool in 1982.

According to Wahiduddin, 34 artisans worked for 3 months under the supervision of his father to prepare the cover of the Kaaba. The cloth was sent to Pakistan from Saudi Arabia for the preparation of Kiswah. I was ready.

During the preparation of the cover of the Kaaba, then President Ayub also inspected the work.

Before the Kaaba left for Saudi Arabia, it was placed in the Polo Grounds for public pilgrimage where millions of people had the privilege of seeing the Kaaba. Participated in the form of a procession, during which flower petals were showered from the wind on the Kaaba.

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Har Pakistani Ki Khabar

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