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Flood devastation: 5 bodies are stuck from different gates of Sukkur Barrage.

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Dunya News

Sukkur: The effects of the flood situation caused by the rains have started to emerge, 5 bodies including an innocent child and a woman are stuck from different gates of the Sukkur barrage.

In a single day, the dead bodies of 5 unidentified persons were found floating in the river Indus who were trapped in the gate number 32, 39, 42, 43, 50 of the barrage. During a week, the dead bodies of more than 13 unknown persons were washed into the river Indus and reached the Sukkur barrage.

The body of an innocent child has been found from gate number 43 of the barrage and the body of a woman has been found from gate number 32. The administration has started steps to remove the bodies stuck in the gate of the barrage.

According to the Sukkur administration, many bodies fall into the Sukkur Barrage every year due to floods in the upper areas. The bodies found in the Indus River could not be identified.

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