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AIX aims to understand the universe: Elon Musk

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Dunya News

New York: Elon Musk, the owner of American electric car company Tesla and social networking site Twitter, says that his new artificial intelligence company ‘AIX’ will aim to understand the universe.

In a 90-minute long Twitter Spaces audio chat on Saturday, Musk discussed his vision for AIX for the first time.

It should be remembered that a few days ago, Musk announced the establishment of his new artificial intelligence company ‘AIX’ after accusing companies like OpenAI and Google of developing technology without considering the risks to humans.

He said that AIX will try to create a good Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) alternative to Microsoft, Google and OpenAI.

During the Twitter space, Musk said AIX, along with his other companies, Twitter and Tesla ( TSLA.O ), would use public tweets to train its AI models and AI software. But can also work with Tesla.

Musk said such a relationship would be mutually beneficial and could accelerate Tesla’s work in self-driving capabilities.

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