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Hema Malini breaks her silence on the question of not living with her husband Dharmendra.

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Bollywood’s dream girl and politician Hema Malini has finally broken her silence on her relationship and not living with her husband legend Dharmendra despite marriage.

According to Indian media reports, Hema Malini is happy with her unconventional marriage, her parents initially refused to marry Dharmendra as he was already married and had a child with Prakash Kaur.

Now even after 43 years of marriage, Hema Malini has no complaints that Dharmendra married Prakash without divorcing her.

Dharmendra now lives with his first wife Prakash and their children.

In a recent interview, when the actress was asked about this, she said that no one wants this to happen, but whatever is happening, one has to accept it. Every woman wants to have husband, children. I am like a normal family but sometimes with some people different from what they think.

Hema Malini, also known as the Dream Girl, continued by saying that I don’t feel bad about it, I am content and happy with myself, I have two children whom I have brought up very well, of course they (Dharmendra) was. with . To me, he was always more worried that the children would get married soon, I used to say that it would happen when the time came.

According to Indian media, few people are aware that Hema’s mother Jaya Chakraborty wanted the actress to marry Indian actor Jitendra, this is also mentioned in Hema Malini’s biography.

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