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The monkey ate her dead child after carrying it around for days.

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Prague: A monkey at a zoo in the Czech Republic ate the dead body of its baby after carrying it for days. This is a rare occurrence of a monkey eating its own offspring.

According to the World News Agency, this unusual event took place in the Safari Park Dvur Kralove in the Czech Republic. Where the monkey of Central Africa fed its baby. Monkeys belong to the genus Mandrillus leucopheus.

Mandrillus leucosis, also known as drills, is a close relative of the Central African mandrill and baboon. These monkeys live in large social groups, consisting of up to 100 individuals, led by a dominant male who fathers the majority of the young monkeys.
A Pandaria at a safari park in the Czech Republic named Kumasi kept her dead cub for more than two days and did not allow zookeepers to bury the cub, but then the Pandaria started eating her dead cub.

Officials who removed the body of the Kumasi baby from the zoo and buried it said that several parts of the body were missing. CCTV footage also found a video of Kumasi eating her child.

Employees working at the zoo say that this is strange behavior and we have never seen it in our professional life. This is a very horrifying scene and has raised fears of the genocide of children by their own parents.

However, a Live Science report refuted the notion that Bandaria’s unusual behavior could improve her chances of having another child in the future.

A new study published in the scientific journal Primates, based on video analysis of the startling behavior of Kumasi, suggests that female monkeys of this species expend incredible reproductive energy on giving birth.

Research suggests that eating a dead baby’s carcass helps female monkeys regain energy after pregnancy as an evolutionary process. This is the reason why the female monkey does not allow anyone else to touch the remains of the carcass.

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