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Important features of Twitter that are not yet in threads?

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The recently launched app Threads by Facebook and Instagram owner Meta has crossed 100 million users in 5 days.

Despite its immense popularity within days of its launch, there are some key features of Twitter that Threads still lacks, so let’s find out what those key features are.

Without hashtags

Hashtag is an important and most used feature of Twitter through which any topic is made popular among users, also with hashtag users can search for any topic easily but the thread is still this feature. are deprived of

Although Meta-owned Facebook and Instagram have had the hashtag feature capability for years, it is likely that the hashtag feature will soon be added to threads as well.

Web version

Threads does not yet have a web version while Twitter users have the option of using Twitter on a web browser, Instagram users can download and use Threads in the Android and iOS versions.

The post cannot be edited

Twitter recently introduced an option for users to edit tweets, while Threads users still don’t have the option to edit a post once it’s published.

Cannot send a direct message

Threads users cannot send direct messages to other users because Threads does not have an inbox feature.

Alternative text

Alt text is actually a video and image description, many social media websites allow their users to add alt text but Threads users still don’t have this option.

Trending option

The trending option is the easiest way to be aware of popular topics on Twitter, which are currently not available in Threads. Not done so there are no plans to add this option to threads anytime soon.

Apart from this, there is no space feature on threads.

Threads Post cannot be embedded

If you ever come across a thread post that you want to embed in your blog, you can’t because this new Meta app doesn’t give its users the option to embed a post.

On the other hand, Twitter users have had the option of tweet embedding for a long time.

Without the following feed

Twitter allows its users to have ‘For you’ and ‘Following’ feeds whereas threads have a single feed for users, but there is no option for users to read their followers’ posts on threads.

The New Chronicle feed

Twitter has an option through which users can enable a chronicle feed, but it cannot be set by default, while Threads randomly sets the feed for users.

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