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Greek Shipwreck: Police arrest another suspected human smuggler from vehari.

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WAHARI – Punjab police on Tuesday arrested another key suspect in the Yunnan boat accident case as the government ordered a crackdown on people involved in human trafficking – a multi-billion dollar illegal business that is a worldwide phenomenon. There is a trend. There is a trend. It is a crime. Attracts syndicates.

According to a police spokesperson, Mumtaz Arain was arrested from Wahari district in South Punjab as they recovered important documents, mobile phone data, and other evidence from his possession.

The mobile phone of Aslam – another accused arrested earlier – was among the items recovered during the raid as the police are now handing over Mumtaz to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) – the department of human trafficking such as Responsible for dealing with crime.

Pakistan has so far arrested more than a dozen suspects from Sheikhupura, Gujarat, Karachi, and other areas as investigations continue to nab the main actors of human trafficking.

Meanwhile, suspected smugglers arrested by authorities in Greece are expected to face manslaughter charges in a Greek court this week.

In his response, IG Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar promised to arrest all the accused involved in the boat tragedy in which only 104 people survived. The number of bodies recovered is only 81, meaning hundreds of refugees lost their lives in the incident.

Human trafficking is such a lucrative business that even the Mexican and Colombian drug cartels – which focus on the United States as their market – are now involved in organized crime as another major source of income. It has been found.


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