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Anupam Kher recalls the golden memories of Sunny Deol's son wedding.

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Bollywood legend Anupam Kher reminisces about the 90s cinema industry while attending Sunny Deol’s son’s wedding.

Kher was excited to meet other ’90s celebrities at the wedding. Satara was seen spending quality time with her co-stars who were also present at Deol’s son’s wedding.

Kher posted a memorable picture full of 90s Bollywood celebrities. Cinema industry legends Dharmendra, Aamir Khan, Sunny Deol, and Salman Khan were in the frame along with Anupam Kher.

Taking to his Instagram, he shared memorable pictures. In the first picture, he was shown with Sunny and Aamir. The golden photo was taken by Bobby Deol as the actor captioned it. The second picture was truly a blast from the past.

“The class of the 90s. Actors from the era of mobile phones and vanities. When we shared stories! When we shared make-up rooms. When we changed clothes and laughed in the open, behind trees and umbrellas….. Still going strong. !!” Anupam gave the title.

“Still reinventing! Still making a difference!! Good to meet Dharamji, Sunny, Aamir, and Salman,” Anupam Kher wrote.

The picture went viral on social media as soon as the Bollywood star posted it. Social media users are obsessed with images. They are commenting beautifully on the photos.

“All legends in one picture! I have fond memories of seeing you all as a child,” wrote one social media user.

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