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Showbiz industry exploited at a young age, Mathira

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Model, actress and host Mathira has complained that the Pakistani showbiz industry exploited her at a young age instead of training her and that people in the showbiz industry are very fake and ruthless.

 Mathira, along with her sister and actress Rose, appeared on Madiha Naqvi’s morning show where they spoke candidly about showbiz and other issues.

Actress Sara Razi and Arisha Razi also participated in the said show and they also talked about their career and other matters.

In response to a question, actress Mathira also revealed that she had a dangerous road accident in the year 2022 on New Year’s Eve in the state of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Earlier in 2019 too, Mathira had a road accdent in Dubai.

According to the model, during the road accident, he sustained severe injuries on his chest while his jaw was also crooked and his lungs were also affected and he also faced difficulty in breathing.

He said that after the accident, he was under treatment for a long time and during that time he was bedridden, he did not do any exercise, due to which he gained weight.

She admits she is overweight but loves her size and complexion. 

In addition, Mathira said she has undergone fat removal three times and thinks she will undergo the procedure again.

Mathira admitted to undergoing ‘liposuction’ on Ahsan Khan’s show in 2021 and still revealed that she is likely to undergo the same procedure for a fourth time.

Speaking on the programme, Mathira said that she started working at the age of 15 and when she entered showbiz, she did not know many things.

According to him, he neither knew how to speak properly nor did he have knowledge of other things, which is why the showbiz industry exploited him at a young age.

Mathira complained that the showbiz industry exploited her instead of training and developing her.

Without naming anyone, he said that people in the showbiz industry are liars and cynics, he found artificiality in showbiz.

According to the model and host, she also faced difficult situations during her career and when she sought financial help from showbiz personalities, instead of helping them, they blackmailed her on online platforms.

When asked about her return to showbiz, Mathira said that she will continue to host shows on TV for now and has no plans to act.

While speaking on the show, Mathira also revealed that his sister and actress Rose is Hafiz Quran.

He said that at a young age his sister was overweight and weighed more than 100 kg but she lost weight by exercising and she is also older than him.

It should be noted that Mathira’s sister Rose is also an actress, she has acted in several dramas.


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