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Govt wants to impose emergency if no agreement with IMF: Sheikh Rasheed

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Lahore: Awami Muslim League chief and  former federal interior minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has said that the government could not reach an agreement with the IMF, they want to impose an emergency in the country even though the need is for an election emergency.

In his message on the social networking site Twitter, Sheikh Rasheed said that on the one hand, economic freedom has been put at stake and on the other hand, the people have been drowned in the sea of poverty. However, I appeal to the institutions and the judiciary to force the Carrom Board government to go for elections.



He said that if this does not happen, there will be no bamboo, the flute will not play, the train will be missed, and because of poverty, there are robbers in the squares, and leaders are with them in times of trouble and calamities. People and not outside the country. The state has been staked for politics.

The former federal minister said the economy in Pakistan has collapsed, Bloomberg said defaults are imminent, 50 percent of textile factories are closed, 11 percent of remittances are down, inflation has risen 50 percent, digital accounts are missing, 10 Millions people are unemployed. And 10 crore are poor. have gone down the line.

Sheikh Rashid further said that foreign companies are leaving the country, they are not getting 5-dollar charity, they are on purposeless foreign trips, and the government is picking up innocent workers from their homes late at night.

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