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"Google" also changed the doodle in support of elections in Pakistan.

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Dunya News

Islamabad: The world’s most famous search engine Google has changed its doodle in support of the elections in Pakistan. 

Google has changed its doodle on the delay in Pakistan’s elections saying when the general elections are going to be held in Pakistan.

Google has changed its doodle to remind you that the term of the National Assembly ends on August 13, 2023, and elections are due 60 days after that, meaning the general elections in Pakistan are not before October 14, 2023. will

Google drew attention to the general elections by including Pakistan’s flag and ballot boxes in its doodle, while social media users also reacted to Google’s doodle.


A Twitter user laughed at the Google Doodle and wrote that ‘elections in Pakistan do not seem to be happening soon’. 

While another user hoped for general elections in 2023.

Another user wrote that ‘Google will soon hold a press conference to say goodbye to PTI’.

A Twitter user called it a protest against Google not holding an election.

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Har Pakistani Ki Khabar

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