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The Lahore High Court suspended the decision to reinstate 72 members of the PTI assembly.

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The Lahore High Court has suspended its earlier decision to ‘reinstate’ 72 PTI MLAs where the resignations of these members were accepted by the Speaker of the National Assembly and later de-notified by the Election Commission of Pakistan. had done was

According to the report, a two-member bench consisting of Justice Shahid Bilal Hassan and Justice Shakeel Ahmed gave this order on Tuesday on an intra-court appeal filed by National Assembly Secretary Tahir Hussain.

The judges stayed the order of Justice Shahid Karim, who in May suspended the Election Commission’s de-notification of 72 members of the National Assembly and asked them to appear in person before the Speaker. . appear so that they withdraw their resignations.

A two-judge bench observed that the intra-court appeal raised certain important points and directed the appellant’s counsel to submit copies of the petitions pending before the Supreme Court and the Islamabad High Court on similar issues, the court said. said on June 21. Ask for an answer.

In his appeal filed through Barrister Lamiya Niazi, the Secretary National Assembly had argued that the order passed by the single bench could be declared as illegal, arbitrary, and without jurisdiction.

He argued that the single-judge bench decided the questions of factual disputes without deciding the preliminary objections raised by the MLAs on the maintainability of the petitions.

Tahir Hussain said that the judge of the single-member bench erred in giving a verdict based on a misinterpretation of facts and law on the subject.

He further submitted that the appellant was not given adequate opportunity to be heard by the single-member bench judge and proper procedure was not followed in passing the judgment.

He said that when the Speaker of the National Assembly is satisfied that the resignations of the members of the Assembly are genuine and voluntary and then they are sent to the Election Commission of Pakistan, no court can interfere until the Election Commission approves these resignations. Do not refuse to notify. Legislators for some valid reasons.

The secretary of the National Assembly said that the decision of the single-member bench judge to withdraw the resignations of the PTI MLAs has no basis in law.

He said that the remarks of the single-member bench judge throughout the proceedings and the background facts of the case show that the judge was apparently biased and the petitioner was well aware of this fact as he was desirous of the outcome of the case. There were reservations.

He requested the court to set aside the previous judgment and stay the appeal till the final decision, which will be heard by the division bench next week.

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