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6 Dead, 2 Injured in Explosion Inside House in Punjab’s Kot Addu: Police

6 dead, 2 injured in explosion inside house

According to the police, an explosion inside a home in the Daira Din Panah neighborhood of Punjab’s Kot Addu district resulted in at least six fatalities and two injuries on Thursday.

While verifying the event, Muzaffargarh District Police Officer (DPO) Syed Hasnain Haider informed that all of the victims belonged to the same family, which used to engage in the business of selling garbage.

He continued by saying that an explosion happened as the family was clearing up trash.

Two women, two men, two toddlers, one of whom was two years old, and two adults were among the fatalities, according to a representative for Rescue 1122. The District Headquarters Hospital in Kot Addu has received both the injured people and the deceased.

Explosion deaths

DPO Haider said that an inquiry was being conducted to ascertain the cause of the incident.

Separately, Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi offered his condolences for the lives lost and asked Punjab Inspector General Dr. Usman Anwar for a report on the event.

DPO Haider and Muzaffargarh District Commissioner (DC) Salman Khan Lodhi arrived at the explosion scene later in the day to conduct an inspection.

We visited the grieving family and the explosion scene, according to DPO Haider. The explosion is the subject of an extensive investigation.

He pledged to support the families and ensure that “every possible facility” was offered to the injured.

The officer added that a final report on the event would be prepared after the scene will also be examined by the Crime Scene Unit and Punjab Forensic Science Agency.

Additionally, the DPO and the DC paid a visit to the injured patients at the hospital and asked about their well-being.

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