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Hatred for Muslims Has Become Fashion in India – Naseeruddin Shah

hatred for Muslim has become fashion in India - Naseeruddin Shah

Senior Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah has revealed that hating Muslims in India has now become a fashion for people from all walks of life.

Recently Naseeruddin Shah gave an interview to the Indian media ‘Indian Express’.

Meanwhile, he expressed concern over the growing extremism and hatred against Muslims in India and said that it has become fashionable to hate Muslims whether it is in movies or in reality.

Naseeruddin Shah further said that these are troubling times for Muslims in India, propaganda is being spread against Muslims and the current government has cleverly polluted people’s minds against Islam and Muslims.

The actor said that now educated and intelligent Hindus have also started hating Muslims, this was not the case earlier, now the hatred against Muslims is increasing day by day, this is a very worrying situation.

Naseeruddin Shah said that if India is a secular country, then there should be a democratic system. I do not understand why political people include religion in everything.

Naseeruddin Shah also accused the Indian government of spreading Islamophobia while talking to the Indian media.

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