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Accountability Court Islamabad Grants Imran Khan Bail in Al-Qadir Trust Case till June 19

Imran Khan gets bail from SC

Imran Khan, the chairman of the PTI, was granted bail in the Al-Qadir Trust case by an accountability court in Islamabad on Wednesday in exchange for surety bonds totaling Rs500,000 till June 19.

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) had instructed the PTI chairman to appear a pertinent accountability court within three working days when he arrived at the Federal Judicial Complex.

In the Al-Qadir Trust case, it is alleged that the PTI leader and his wife, Bushra Bibi, bought land worth hundreds of kanals from a real estate company in exchange for legalising Rs50 billion that the UK had discovered and returned to Pakistan during the previous PTI administration.

On May 9, paramilitary troops escorted Imran off the IHC grounds, sparking violent protests all throughout the nation. The PTI head promptly requested release from the IHC, but it pronounced his arrest to be lawful.

After Imran filed a petition with the Supreme Court, the court declared his arrest “invalid and unlawful” on May 11 and ordered him to appear before the IHC the next day.

The IHC subsequently granted Imran bail in the case for two weeks and barred law enforcement from detaining the PTI leader until May 17 in any case filed in Islamabad after May 9.

The IHC had extended its directive to prohibit Imran’s arrest in instances brought after May 9 until May 31 on May 17.

Muhammad Bashir, an accountability judge, presided over today’s session. Imran, his attorney Khawaja Harris, and NAB Prosecutor Sohail Arif were present.

The court questioned Harris about the IHC’s order as the case began. The attorney said that Imran had been ordered by the high court to appear before a pertinent accountability court within three days.

“So, today, you filed a petition?” Judge Bashir made a query.

Harris answered, asking the court to give Imran bail until June 17, since he was to appear before an anti-terrorism court in the capital on the same day. “We had prepared a petition beforehand and decided to file it in case the need arises,” Harris said.

In this case, NAB’s Arif asked the court to set another date because June 17 fell on a Saturday. “Record rooms are closed on Saturday,” he declared.

The judge then extended the PTI leader’s release till June 19 in exchange for surety bonds of PKR 500,000.

Imran is instructed by IHC to contact the accountability court within three days.

Imran’s time in the Al-Qadir Trust case was earlier today also extended by the IHC for three days, with instructions to contact the appropriate accountability court within that time. A two-judge panel consisting of Justice Miangul Hassan Aurangzeb and Justice Saman Rafat Imtiaz rendered the ruling. Imran came to the court in a car that was bulletproof while being flanked by a heavy police presence. In a video posted to PTI’s official Twitter account, the former premier was seen walking inside the IHC while being protected by armed guards. Harris lamented the numerous court appearances his client was making in Islamabad, which was creating a variety of security concerns, during the hearing. The attorney stated, “It appears that millions of rupees are spent in the name of security on the petitioner’s arrival to court.” Harris responded in the positive when Justice Aurangzeb subsequently questioned Imran about his involvement in the case’s NAB inquiry. The PTI head was then told by the judge to go before a pertinent accountability court within three working days. Imran’s protected bail in the case was also extended by three days.

Bail was increased for Imran in two additional cases.

Additionally, the IHC heard two other petitions submitted by the PTI leader, one concerning a breach of Section 144 and the other prohibiting the Islamabad police from detaining him in any case filed after May 9. A court made up of Justice Aurangzeb and Justice Aurangzeb Alamgir heard the arguments. Imran, his attorney Ali Gohar, and the additional attorney general Munawwar Iqbal all showed up for the hearing. At the beginning of the hearing, Justice Aurangzeb stated that “a number of cases have already been decided.” He also mentioned how fresh cases were filed in court every day. Against his client, Imran, more than 150 cases have been filed, according to Imran’s attorney, “which means that he has to appear for investigation in every case.” The court then granted Imran protected bail on both petitions for a further 10 days and prohibited the police from detaining him in any case filed within Islamabad’s jurisdiction after May 9. PTI attorney Sher Afzal asked the court to let him to make arguments on cases lodged at the F-8 Katcheri at the IHC at one point during the session. He claimed that the petitioner couldn’t present in the F-8 Katcheri due to security reasons. “The majority of the cases have been registered there, but it is not possible to appear before that court.”

NAB says not to arrest Bushra

When NAB Investigation Officer Mian Umer Nadeem stated that Bushra Bibi’s detention was “not needed,” an accountability court in Islamabad ruled that her bail request in the Al Qadir Trust case was “infructuous.” The hearing was presided over by Judge Mohammad Bashir. In court were Bushra Bibi, her attorney Khawaja Harris, and Sardar Muzaffar Abbasi, the deputy prosecutor general for the NAB. “Imran issued a statement on May 13 where he used inappropriate language for NAB, the chairman and spread false propaganda against the accountability watchdog,” Abbasi stated at the start of the session. He claimed that the PTI leader spoke out with the bad objective of putting pressure on the NAB. The prosecutor general stated, “We never invaded or assaulted Imran’s Zaman Park apartment, nor did we ever obtain arrest orders for his wife. He said that no one was the target of a “personal vendetta” by the agency. He emphasised that the NAB had not issued her with any arrest warrants and said, “When warrants aren’t even there, the bail plea may be dismissed.” In this case, Attorney Harris stated, “If we must hear about the virtues of the NAB, then we will begin with the Supreme Court’s order. The NAB did not issue even one summons notice, nevertheless the inquiry was transformed into an investigation, he said.

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