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Pakistan Shaheens punished (Penalized) for Tampering the Ball

Pakistan Team is Penalized

Pakistan Shaheens were fined five runs for ball-tampering in the final One-Day International (ODI) of the six-match series against Zimbabwe in Harare, Wisden reported.

Zimbabwe Select won the six-match ODI series against Pakistan Shaheens 4-2. Shaheens fell 32 runs short and were all out for 353 in 49.2 overs.

Umpire Aknu Chabi, who has umpired in more than 50 international matches across all formats, awarded five penalty runs to the home side for ball tampering by Shaheens, also known as Pakistan A. .

It is unclear who was behind the tampering and how the ball was tampered with, the publication said.

However, the rules state that if an umpire believes that the condition of the ball has changed unfairly, he can authorize the ball to be turned into bat.

“Irrespective of whether the ball has been changed or not, they have to give five penalty runs to the opposition,” Wisden said.

Law 41.3 of the Laws of Cricket deals with changing the conditions of the match ball. Clause states: “Regardless of whether the substitute ball is chosen to be used, the bowler’s end umpire shall award 5 penalty runs to the opposing side.”

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The alliance’s leaders agreed that they would no longer accept “engineered verdicts” and accused the CJP of malfeasance.

“Mr CJP You have been acting improperly for the last month and made it known that you will declare the PM ineligible. In a speech to the sit-in participants, PDM head Fazl stated, “The PM has protected the constitution, and if there is ever an effort against the government, we will defend the National Assembly and the PM.

“In this case, you (CJP) will be in trouble and will not be able to save yourself,” he said.

“Engineered judicial rulings will not be tolerated by us. The court has installed Parvez Elahi as the leader of the Punjabi government after ousting the previous chief minister Hamza Shehbaz. We respect you, but we won’t ever allow you to defame members of the legislature or the political class, Maulana Fazl added, adding that each institution should operate within its own sphere of influence.

Har Pakistani Ki Khabar

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