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Exports from China to North Korea increased in April.

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According to statistics from Chinese customs, wigs and fertiliser were among the largest shipments made by China to North Korea in April compared to the same month last year.

According to data made public by China’s General Administration of Customs, outbound exports from China to the small nation increased 69% year over year to $166 million in April.

The top export products in terms of value were diammonium hydrogen phosphate, a common fertiliser, costing $8.84 million, and processed hair and wool used in wigs, valued roughly $11.6 million.

In April, Pyongyang bought rice from China for $5.07 million.

According to the customs statistics, Chinese shipments to North Korea increased dramatically between January and April, rising from $270.59 million to $603 million.

Long-standing food insecurity in North Korea may have become worse, according to a mid-February article in the DongA Ilbo daily in South Korea.

Since 2006, the nation has been subject to U.N. sanctions because of its missile and nuclear programmes.

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Har Pakistani Ki Khabar

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