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Pakistani music facts Amitabh Bachchan discusses a popular cricket video

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Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan was recently corrected by Pakistani artists Goher Mumtaz and Asim Azhar after he uploaded a video of a little youngster playing cricket. The Bollywood superstar posted a sweet clip of a little boy playing cricket at home on Instagram on Wednesday. The description for the video was written by Bachan, who stated that “the future of Indian Cricket is in very safe hands.” Fans showered the young man with love and admiration as he made shot after shot with an intense expression on his face. Many followers posted animated gifs and stickers of Indian cricketers and expressed their utmost admiration for the youngster’s abilities. Badshah, an Indian rapper, was also impressed. “That helicopter shot though,” he said. Soon after the video was posted, though, numerous users—including our Pakistani musicians—mentioned that Big B could have made a mistake.

Goher made the following initial observation: “Sir, this youngster is from Pakistan, saw this a while ago on a Pakistani page with his ID, but future of cricket is in our hands if we agree to play in each other’s country Inshallah…Also, biggest admirer of yours.

A few hours later, Azhar endorsed his coworker in an email that began, “Dear Sir, tremendous admirer from [Pakistan]! Additionally, this child is from Pakistan, as my buddy Goher Mumtaz noted, but you are absolutely correct that both teams’ futures are in good hands if the previous era—during which we could watch both players play on both sides—returns soon.

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