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Government delegation to meet with PTI at Zaman Park

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Amir Mir, the temporary information minister for Punjab, stated on Thursday evening that the government will send a ‘delegation’ to PTI leader Imran Khan’s home after Friday prayers to ask for permission and beg that he let them to examine his home. Speaking to a private TV station, he stated that the Lahore commissioner will lead the delegation of police officers and that their operations would be recorded. The number of terrorists is 40, not 4, the commissioner would be accompanied by at least 400 police officers, he continued. He stated that the government would consider its next course of action if Mr. Khan refused to provide it. Others are also taking refuge in Mr. Khan’s relatives’ homes, he added. He continued by saying that eight “terrorists” who attempted to leave Mr. Khan’s home were caught after the police used geo-fencing to find their whereabouts. In response to whether or not Mr. Khan would be detained, he stated that the Punjab administration had no such intentions. He also added that if the police did not go to Zaman Park, another force would. Earlier, Civil Lines SP Hassan Bhatti said that eight “suspects” who had sought sanctuary at Zaman Park had been apprehended by police. They were attempting to leave Mr. Khan’s house, he continued. Speaking to the journalists, he said that Mr. Khan’s home in Zaman Park still had more individuals hidden nearby. He continued, “Police will look into them and provide further information later.

Punjab govt’s earlier stance 

Amir Mir said earlier that cops were prepared to use weapons if assaulted. At least 3,400 people connected to the violence had been detained, he said during a press conference on Thursday, and further searches were anticipated. On Wednesday evening, Mr. Mir stated that the government would wait until the 24-hour period had passed before imprisoning Imran Khan, the leader of the PTI.

After the time expired, he claimed, the provincial caretaker setup will divulge its plans. The deadline will end tomorrow (Thursday) at 2pm, he noted.

An earlier deadline of 24 hours had been set by the interim Punjab government for the PTI to turn over to police “30 to 40 terrorists” who were allegedly hiding at Imran Khan’s Zaman Park mansion in Lahore.

Aamir Mir, the interim information minister, delivered the warning during a news conference in the province capital. The minister claimed that because the PTI’s leader had been attacking the military for more than a year, the PTI had begun acting like a non-state actor.

He asserted that violent protests on May 9 were carried out as part of a plot that included attacks on military posts and other locations, and that the government had a “zero tolerance policy” towards such behaviour.

According to Mr. Mir, Mohsin Naqvi, the interim chief minister, had allowed the Punjab police “free rein” to deal with “arsonists.”

The acting minister said that it had been resolved to hold individuals responsible for attacks on military facilities accountable in military courts. No innocent individual would suffer a penalty, he claimed, because all cases were sent on only after being verified. He said that on May 9, “PTI miscreants” breached the border. He said that 254 cases had been filed and that more than 3,400 assailants had been detained.

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