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Imran Khan's temporary bail is extended by the IHC till June 8

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Imran Khan, the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and a former prime minister, had his interim bail for two charges extended by the Islamabad High Court on Tuesday until June 8.

The plea submitted by the PTI leader asking for an extension of temporary bail in two instances was heard by the Islamabad High Court. Barrister Gohar, Imran Khan’s attorney, arrived in court.

The court granted Imran Khan’s plea for the PTI chairman to be excused from Tuesday’s proceedings, which was made by attorney Gohar on his behalf. Imran Khan can appear in court for more cases on which day, according to the Chief Justice of the Islamabad High Court, so that the court can set that day for his cases.

Later, the court prolonged Imran Khan’s provisional release till June 8 in connection with a statement he made against army commanders and the murder case that was brought when Muslim League-N leader Mohsin Ranjha filed a complaint.

Toshakhana case adjourned

District and Sessions in addition The hearing in the Toshakhana case against Imran was postponed by Judge Humayun Dilawar on Tuesday till June 8 after the PTI leader’s attorney provided a copy of the stay order issued in the case by the Islamabad High Court.

The PTI chairman received a broad reprieve from several IHC courts, which prevented the government from detaining him and postponed his Toshakhana case trial till the second week of June.

Imran Khan was represented by Gohar Ali Khan.

On Monday, Imran Khan was urged by current prime minister Shehbaz Sharif to assist with a probe into his wrongdoing rather than make unfounded accusations.

The prime minister responded to a tweet from Imran Khan by posting, “Leave the unfounded claims, join the probe, and be held accountable for your corruption. And that is it.

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