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Karachi Weather Report: 35 Degrees in the City

Weather update Karachi - 15th May
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According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), Karachi’s current temperature is 35 degrees.

Nevertheless, it feels like 38 degrees outside. The Met department also reported that the air was 41% humid and that winds from the southwest were still blowing at a pace of 20 KPH.


PMD had projected earlier today that starting tomorrow, temperatures will probably rise over much of the nation.

The Met Office predicted that the country’s southern areas will continue to experience heat.

From May 10 to May 13, temperatures in Pakistan’s southern regions are expected to rise.

In Balochistan, Southern Punjab, and Sindh, there is a chance that daytime temperatures would rise by three to five degrees, according to the forecasting division.

According to the PMD, temperatures would climb by two to three degrees in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, upper and central Punjab, and Islamabad.

Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan temperatures are expected to continue two to three degrees above average, according to the weather forecasting agency.

Karachi was reportedly experiencing hot and muggy weather the day before, according to PMD.

According to the predicting department, Karachi’s temperature was 35 degrees, but it felt like it was 39 degrees outside.

According to the PMD, the relative humidity was 64%, and winds in the port city were forecast to gust between 20 and 27 KPH.

In contrast to Sindh’s prognosis, which featured heat and dryness in the air, PMD had earlier forecasted that Karachi’s weather would be hot and muggy for the following three days.

The port city’s winds were expected to blow out of the west and southwest at this time, according to the Met Department.

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