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Imran Khan, Former PM, Blamed Army Chief for Dramatic Arrest Episode

Imran Khan Blamed Army Chief for Arrest Drama

ISLAMABAD: Imran Khan, the leader of the PTI, condemned the army chief on Friday for his “abduction” on May 9 and disassociated himself from the unrest that broke out in a number of towns following his incarceration.

While speaking briefly with media representatives on the grounds of the Islamabad High Court, he conveyed these opinions.

During a pause, Mr. Khan spoke with BBC journalist Caroline Davies and remarked, “It’s not the security agencies. The army leader is the lone figure. The army does not practice democracy. When challenged about the perception that security forces were against him but the judiciary was in his support, he responded, “The army is becoming smeared with what is occurring.

“The army leader is concerned that I would stop notifying him if I become president. I did my best to convey a message to him, but I failed. All of this is taking place because of his direct directives. He is the one who is convinced that if I win, he will be de-notified,” alleged Mr Khan.

The former premier said that “5,000 people have been arrested during the last one year,” and he also discussed how the administration had “victimised” his party. He claimed to have survived two assassination attempts and expressed remorse that his desire for an investigation was turned down.

Refutes impression of getting ‘relief’ from Supreme Court; distances himself from aggressive protests

Answering a question with

Amir Wasim from Dawn News reported that Mr. Imran Khan had received a relief from the Supreme Court that no other politician had ever received. Mr. Khan responded by asking how it could be a relief since he was still in court.

“I’m at the Islamabad High Court right now. They didn’t have cause to arrest me. I was kidnapped. After hauling me to jail, they finally showed me the warrant. This only occurs where there is a jungle law and when the army kidnaps individuals, the man claimed.

The law is absent. The cops, where are you? Martial law appears to have been proclaimed [in the nation],” he stated.

Reiterating the stance he presented in front of the Supreme Court on Thursday night, Mr. Khan claimed to have learned that 40 people had died during the two-day rallies but otherwise claimed to be completely oblivious of what transpired following his incarceration.

Mr. Khan said that “the army is getting maligned because of just one man” and expressed “sadness” over what happened while he was in the custody of the NAB.

In the casual conversation, Mr. Imran Khan said that during his detention, he had been subjected to torture and had been struck in the head with a baton. He did, however, say that he received “fair” treatment while he was under the National Accountability Bureau’s (NAB) care.

Mr. Imran Khan claimed that he had no influence over what occurred following his detention.

In response to his detractors who accused him of leading violent protests and causing damage to both private and public property during the nationwide unrest, he said, “How could I be blamed for those incidents that happened while I was in custody?”

Along with discussing his leaked phone call with party leader Musarrat Jamshed Cheema, Mr. Khan spoke with Geo reporter Azaz Syed. He said that the court had given him permission to speak to his wife Bushra Bibi, thus he had made the call using a landline number after being arrested.

Mr. Khan said that he contacted Musarrat since his wife was unable to answer the call when the reporter asked why he spoke to a PTI member rather than his wife.

When the PTI leader stood face to face with prominent journalist Matiullah Jan, who was a severe opponent of the PTI government’s policies and gained notoriety when he was kidnapped by unidentified assailants in broad daylight in Islamabad while Mr. Khan was in charge, the PTI leader made some intriguing remarks.

When the prime minister learned of his kidnapping, Mr. Khan informed the journalist that he had immediately ordered for his release at a cabinet meeting.

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