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Rs. 56 Lac and Phones Stolen From House in DHA Karachi

Robbery in karachi DHA

Early on Tuesday, armed robbers broke into a house in Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Phase V. When the Gizri police department swiftly arrived to the distress call, they were able to ascertain that the intruders had broken through the property’s barbed wire fence to get into the house.

They rapidly took control of the situation once they were inside and held the residents hostage for over 30 minutes. With their weapons in hand, the criminals seized a huge amount of money—Rs. 5.6 million—as well as a number of priceless cell phones.


The SHO in charge of the probe and investigation, Amir Chaudhry, expressed extreme worry at the incident.
The robbers had an exaggerated sense of invincibility because there were no CCTV cameras present on the property.

Nevertheless, the crime scene unit’s tenacious efforts succeeded in saving vital evidence that will undoubtedly play a crucial role in the ongoing investigation, possibly leading to the identification and detention of the offenders.

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