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Imran Khan's court testimony

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When I arrived at the NAB office after being arrested, I was presented the warrants, although I don’t think NAB needs the record: The PTI/Screengrab Chairman. ISLAMABAD: Imran Khan, the chairman of the PTI, stated in court that an injection is given to patients that causes a gradual death.

Imran Khan said in court at the hearing conducted in Police Lines that I was handed the warrant when I arrived at the NAB office following the detention. I do not believe that the NAB wants the documents; instead, the NAB is insisting that we gather the records. We have two choices: either we agree and the money will come, or if we have to sue, we lose every case. The money that came was approved by the cabinet. To now, 100 million rupees have been invested.

My spectacles were shattered, the Chairman of PTI remarked, so contact my doctor.

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