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Fuel Shortage Across Major Cities of Karachi

Fuel Crises Across Pakistan

Due to the law and order crisis, oil marketing companies (OMCs) are having difficulty keeping supply in Lahore and other Pakistan’s major cities.

More than 50% of petrol stations might run out of fuel, according to oil traders, which has caused alarm among consumers and companies.

Jahanzeb Malik, secretary general of the Petroleum Dealers Association, said that the supply disruption was a precaution owing to Pakistan’s precarious condition. OMC has stopped supply to safeguard employees and customers in light of the escalating tensions.

Across the country, protests and rallies have broken out in response to the detention of former prime minister Imran Khan. OMCs now have a difficult time supplying petroleum supplies due to roadblocks, heavy traffic, and violence.

The scarcity might harm transit, commuter services, and a number of other industries. Additionally, it can have an impact on vital services like hospitals, first responders, and other crucial industries that depend on gasoline.

In Pakistan, the authorities are attempting to control the situation. According to PTI officials, national demonstrations won’t end till Khan is released. The situation is still changing around the nation, thus the story is continuously unfolding.

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