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Diamonds Found from Parcel - Filled with Gutka, Broker Limed the Diamond Merchant

Diamond Smuggling

Surat (Daily Pakistan Online) A person has been arrested for allegedly cheating a diamond merchant in the city of Surat in the Indian state of Gujarat. The man had exchanged diamonds worth Rs 32 lakh with packets of gutka.

In his police complaint, businessman Rishabh Vora said accused Raheel Manjani worked as a diamond broker and obtained polished, round and natural quality diamonds worth Rs 32 lakh from his office on the pretext of selling them to other traders. So trusted.

The broker received the diamonds in three sealed parcels between February 13 and 21, 2023 and paid Vora 2 lakh as token money. The broker asked to give the rest of the money in three to four days, but when the money was not received, Vora asked for his diamonds back, at which time it was decided that the diamond parcels would be opened in the presence of both.

When the parcels were opened, packets of gutka were found instead of diamonds. The businessman has alleged that the broker conspired against him along with another businessman and made the diamonds disappear. The police have registered a case and started investigation.

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