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Alia Bhatt Faces Criticism for Her First-Ever Appearance at The MET Gala 2023.

Alia Bhatt Met Gala 2023

Alia Bhatt, who has often been accused of being favoured by filmmaker Karan Johar, has once again become a subject of criticism.

She has drawn criticism on social media for being favoured by Karan for her MET Gala debut.

The criticism started when fashion designer Prabal Gurung shared a post on Instagram about how he first met Alia at Karan’s 40th birthday. A certain line in particular sparked a storm on the internet.

In a letter to the editor, Prabal stated: “I had heard raving reviews about her through him and my brother Pravesh, who was assisting Karan in her debut film.” Social media users did not appreciate this sentence.


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A post shared by Prabal Gurung (@prabalgurung)

One of the Reddit posts as a result stated: “Prabal Gurung’s post on Instagram confirms that KJO is the reason he invited Alia to the Met Gala.”

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So they’ve been organising her Met Gala debut for ten years, a critic remarked. Another user replied: “Thanks Prabal for this insightful post! Why KJo was silent makes sense.

Whereas the rest of the world has been criticising the pair, one of Alia’s ardent supporters has come out in their defence, writing: “I guess Alia and Prabal have been close for a long time and it was quite evident that he invited her because they are friends. When Sid Alia went on their New Year’s vacation, I can still see them together in the photo below, which was taken in New York in 2016. She most likely made her debut this year in order to attract attention in the West for her Hollywood project, Heart of Stone, which will be released in 2023.

In 2012, Alia Bhatt made her acting debut in Student of the Year, directed by Karan Johar. She later appeared in numerous KJO films, according to News18.

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