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All Pakistanis Safely Evacuated from War-Hit Sudan

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated on Tuesday that “evacuation operations out of the war-hit country have ended” after more than 1,000 Pakistanis had been safely evacuated from the nation.

The FO issued a brief statement stating that while its operations in Sudan had ended, evacuations through Jeddah would continue until all Pakistanis were safely brought home.

China and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were thanked by the ministry for helping with the evacuation process in the statement.

“By Allah’s grace and tireless efforts of our embassy in Khartoum led by Amb Regi, supported by Saudi Arab and China and our teams in Jeddah and Islamabad, we have successfully [and] safely evacuated over 1,000 Pakistanis out of Sudan. With this, our evacuation operations out of Sudan have ended,” the FO tweeted.


Almost all 1,000 Pakistanis will be evacuated from the conflict-torn nation in the next 24 to 48 hours, the ministry announced yesterday.

Since the conflict started earlier this month, the FO has been working to repatriate Pakistanis left stranded in the conflict zone.

First evacuated to Port Sudan, the Overseas Pakistanis in Sudan are then transported to Jeddah where the PAF is transporting them back to Pakistan.

Yesterday, the foreign ministry thanked Saudi Arabia on Twitter for helping Pakistanis in need and supporting them during a trying time.

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