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The people must continue their wait; the country’s elites are not done playing their games.

The people must continue their wait; the country’s elites are not done playing their games.

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“TOMORROW creeps in this petty pace, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.” The elites of the nation must continue to play their games while the populace waits. It is now more obvious than ever before that the institutions that are supposed to keep the country together have no qualms about tearing it apart from the inside.

They fight on, the air thick with a gloomy melancholy. The possibility of a change in the nation’s fortunes is waning and might soon vanish. There are no regulations in effect, as the Supreme Court’s decision on Thursday made quite plain. Each branch of the government is proudly acting outside of its authority, ostensibly just to spite the other.

Despite numerous warnings that the country will take years to recover from the current catastrophe if those in charge do not stop setting fires they cannot possibly put out, nothing appears to give.

It is quite unfortunate that eight Supreme Court justices believed it was permissible to depart from the established course of events in order to defeat a government provocation.

The institution is held to significantly higher standards of conduct than both the legislative and the administration because it is the last arbiter in all disputes. Eight justices should have trusted their remaining seven colleagues to agree whenever the Supreme Court (Practise and Procedure) Bill was brought before the court after it was passed by parliament if they felt so passionately about the Supreme Court’s ‘prima facie’ defects.

Instead, the bench gave the impression that the court did not only shake its fist at the administration but also lacked faith in the other seven Supreme Court judges.

It has been challenging for regular people to follow every scandalous development in the wearying war in Islamabad. The only’real’ results of the institutional conflicts that have dominated headlines over the past year or so, in the eyes of many, are an unrelenting fear of the future and an internal hunger.

Drawing their attention to the subtleties of the power-sharing system between the state’s branches will not ease their frustration.

The majority’s current sense of agonising impotence will eventually give way to wrath against the status quo. Chaos and violence will ensue if individuals begin to believe they have nothing left to lose. At all costs, this circumstance must be avoided.

We should be ashamed of our judges, generals, legislators, and bureaucrats. Their self-centered goals and unwavering quest of power have been a stain on this country. The nation will be destroyed if they keep fighting.

Pakistan cannot afford for its people to become further disaffected with the government. That warning should be taken seriously by those in charge of maintaining the security of this nation.

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Har Pakistani Ki Khabar

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