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The casting director for James Bond claims she "dies laughing." reviewing upcoming 007 rumours

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Contrary to what rumour would have you think, no choices have been made on who would play the next James Bond.

According to Debbie McWilliams, who oversees casting for the Bond series, “no conversation [is] being had at the moment.”

McWilliams asserted in an interview with that the majority of the casting rumours cause her to “die laughing.”

She responded, “I don’t listen to any of it. The majority of the time, it makes me die laughing.
“I mean, it’s absolutely hilarious – and the idea that people are even somewhat interested is even funnier, in my opinion. When I hear about who the bookmakers’ favourite are, who’s number 15, and all this kind of stuff. I can only describe it as a bizarre phenomena.

Since 1981, McWilliams has served as the Bond movie’s casting director. He had a hand in the selection of Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and most recently, Daniel Craig as 007.

“I didn’t even realise these kinds of fanbases existed, actually, but that appears to generate a lot more [conversation], so it’s become a larger problem through contemporary journalism and social media and all that business.
“Also, I have a hypothesis that I’ve said several times, which is that when a newspaper has a void, they replace it with a James Bond tale because they are out of ideas. I’m not sure why folks can’t just wait and see.

Craig McWilliams stated that there is currently no discussion about Craig’s replacement.

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