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Modernization Doesn’t Mean Westernization - Does Fashion Means Unveil ?

Modernization is something that we have all experienced. Modernization is described as having or doing everything in line with the current age. This includes participating in all social activities. Bringing anything up to the state of the art at the time is what it is. Because of such, it simplifies and improves the quality of our lives. The quality of life is improved and the likelihood of danger is decreased thanks to new methods and procedures. We can advance in science and technology with contemporary schooling. With today’s technology, we can travel the globe in a few hours. Even if the contemporary world has many flaws and shortcomings, they are insignificant when compared to the benefits and satisfactions it offers.

Modernization Vs. Westernization:

Modernization and Westernization are two separate concepts. While modernization refers to the process of adapting to new technologies and social norms, Westernization specifically refers to the adoption of Western cultural values and practices.

Similarly, fashion and the decision to unveil or cover oneself are personal choices and should not be tied to any particular culture or society. Fashion is a form of self-expression, and people should be able to dress in a way that makes them feel comfortable and confident, regardless of their background or cultural identity.

There is one best example of ‘modern but not western’, it’s Japan. Japan is a developed country which is modern but not western. It had made advancement on scientific grounds. Take notes that they hadn’t adopted western-based values and cultures. Their food, dressing, way of life and everything is in keeping with their own Japanese civilization. There are a family and community system, unlike other Western countries. It is the real definition of modernization, from the example of Japan it is believed that modernization is possible without adopting western culture and civilization.

Does Islam Allow Muslim Ladies Wearing Fit Dresses Showing Off Curves?

Islam promotes modesty in dress for both men and women. While there is no specific requirement for a particular style of clothing or dress, Muslim women are expected to dress in a way that is modest and does not draw unnecessary attention to themselves.

The Quran instructs women to cover their bodies and adornments except for what is normally displayed, and the interpretation of this instruction may vary among different Muslim communities and scholars. Some Muslim women may choose to wear loose clothing that covers their bodies completely, while others may choose to wear clothing that is more form-fitting but still covers their bodies appropriately.

It is important to recognize that there is diversity in how Muslim women choose to dress, and there is no one “correct” way to dress as a Muslim woman. Ultimately, each individual should make their own choices about their clothing based on their own personal interpretation of Islamic teachings and their cultural context.

It is important to respect different cultural beliefs and practices and not impose Western ideals onto others. In a diverse and interconnected world, we should celebrate and appreciate different cultural expressions rather than seeking to homogenize them.

All aspects of the west are being adopted, with the exception of morals. We must avoid using western morality since they are dangerous and unsafe because if we did, we would go outside the bounds and restrictions of our religion. The ultimate code for life has already been handed to us. Since we may be modern in our own manner, we should not embrace western culture.



The usage of western goods and tools is seen as a sign of prestige in our culture. Modernity is good, but we must first recognize the distinction between modernization and westernization. Modernization is described as adopting behaviors that are in line with the society you live in; westernization is when you adopt behaviors that are more in line with western culture and less with your society.

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