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Senior Data Engineer (Remote, Global) - Min. $40k/Year USD

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$40,000/yr – $72,000/yr ·
Full-time · Mid-Senior level


This is a Remote Job


Exceptionally transforms the software industry by removing outsourcing firms and directly pairing individuals with technology firms. We are witnessing the effects of highly qualified software engineers worldwide being paid up to three times more and prospering with exceptional professional difficulties as a result of the remote work revolution.

Our Commitment to You
  • Only full-time, 100% remote jobs.
  • Career coaching and full-time remote job continuity.
We are looking for a Senior Data Engineer to join a fast growing team.
Daily Life of a Data Engineer
  • Develop deep understanding of the data warehouse and use it to develop reporting and generate insights.
  • Understand  the  AARRR  (Acquisition,  Activation,  Retention,  Referral and Revenue) Framework for our customers, their journey and optimizing our funnel.
  • Understand  the  different  company-modules and provide  business  and  strategic insights  around  feature adoption and growth.
  • Working with the product usage data and analyzing the data to give insights on new feature development and improvement of existing features.
  • Defining  the  events  tracking plan for the different  modules  and analyzing them to reflect  customer behavior.
  • Dive  into  complex  data sets to analyze trends  and  identify business opportunities that  will  drive high growth.
  • Produce  comprehensive  analysis  for key stakeholders using  appropriate  visualization and presentation techniques to provide intuitive and actionable insights that can be used in refining our business strategies. 
  • Collaborate with the product, technology, sales, marketing, finance, and operations to understand their KPI’s and provide them with different dashboards and visualizations which they can use to optimize their day-to-day work and make strategic decisions.



  • Relevant experience of over 5+ years.
  • Experience in SQL and programming languages like Python and Scala.
  • Experience in managing data warehouse and building data models.
  • Experience with 3FN, Dimensional Models, and Data Vault.
  • Expertise in building ETL pipelines.
  • Experience in workflow management platforms like Airflow.
  • Experience with engineering processes like Unit Testing and CI/CD.
  • Experience with Data Lake Technologies like Bigquery.
  • Outstanding critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • Self-motivated with the ability to work independently as well as in a team and comfortable in a dynamic environment.
  • Efficiently organized and detail-oriented, able to ensure quality and accuracy of the output.
  • Ability to build strong relationships with colleagues, effectively collaborating across departments.


  • 22 vacation days/PTO.
  • Company laptop.
  • 100% remote.

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Har Pakistani Ki Khabar

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