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Martial government is not an option, according to Imran Khan.

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Imran Khan claims that his adversaries are ready for him to be “murdered” or imprisoned.

According to the former prime minister, PDM made up facts and told falsehoods.

PTI leader shows lack of confidence in temporary arrangements in Punjab and KP.

Imran Khan, the leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), has ruled out the prospect of martial law in the nation, saying that it is only enacted after gauging public support for it.


The former prime minister was cited as stating, “If the public is not with you, how can you impose martial law,” in an interview with The News on Sunday.


Khan stated that if the polls were not conducted within 90 days, they would no longer be adhering to the Constitution. He continued, “If there is no Constitution, there is no country.”


The PTI leader claimed that his rivals were hoping to undermine his party or have him detained or “murdered.”

The mafia is working together to divide the courts in order to further their own goals, according to Khan.


The former prime minister added that the status of human rights was worsening and that political activists were being detained and treated like terrorists. He claimed that because more people were conscious of the circumstance, it was now difficult to manipulate it.

Regarding the previous 30 years’ governments of the parties that make up the governing alliance, Khan claimed that Pakistan’s economy suffered while India and Bangladesh advanced.

Khan claimed that the nation’s economy was growing under his administration, but sadly, it was overthrown. He continued, “I kept giving General Bajwa the benefit of the doubt, but later I discovered that he was the only person responsible for the plot against me and my administration.


He continued, mentioning that it surprised him, “I met with a head of state in a Middle Eastern country and he asked me if Bajwa was with me.”


The former premier declared that if he were to win re-election, he would improve administration by introducing changes to the judicial and administrative systems.


“Like Nelson Mandela, I will adopt the idea of truth and reconciliation.”

He asserted that if the PTI won re-election, it would devise fresh strategies for attracting investment and for assisting Pakistanis living abroad. He promised to reduce spending while making every attempt to reform the structure of government.



Imran responded that Shaukat Tarin would succeed the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) as finance minister in response to a different query about who would lead the PTI government’s financial department.


When asked who would be the next chief minister of Punjab, he responded that he had no current knowledge of the position.


He attacked the PDM, claiming they were lying and covering up for misdeeds.

“The development rate under our administration was 6%. It denotes generating riches. And at that precise moment, they overthrew our administration, he continued.



Imran Khan said the results were obvious because the PDM had fallen and it was the goal of their fight that the people should receive justice in response to a second query about whether he would be back on the roadways if elections were not held within 90 days.


He claimed that now that people were aware of their rights, it was appropriate for them to prepare for demonstrations. He questioned the attorneys about the practise of law as well.

Imran said, “We were not angry that we disbanded our assemblies and now we just lounge around and watch these individuals. The Constitution promised elections within 90 days, but the PDM was eluding responsibility. He claimed that the PDM had broken the Constitution by postponing the polls.



Khan claimed that if the rule of law was not upheld, the nation would fall apart and turn into a banana republic. He said that they had resolved to disband the assemblies in light of the fact that polls would be required by law.

He claimed that the nation’s economy was in decline, and the PDM wanted to put off the polls while searching for ways to get rid of the PTI. They were awaiting loans in order to carry out their strategies for eliminating the PTI from the electoral contest.


He added that $10.4 billion had been invested in the UAE by Pakistanis living abroad, particularly those in the UAE, and that they wished to engage in Pakistan but could not do so without the establishment of the rule of law.

Our party consisted of four factions, and Usman Buzdar was included because he was unaffiliated with any grouping. While his predecessor in Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif, was engaged in numerous corruption cases, Buzdar was media-shy and an honourable guy, the speaker claimed.


Although he claimed to have been struck, he claimed that despite being confined to a room for four months at home, he never experienced depression.


The PTI leader claimed, “I was not raised in any military nursery like Bhutto or Nawaz Sharif as I created my own party and engaged with the people.

He claimed that he had made numerous errors throughout his life and had made inaccurate assumptions about these two households. Khan also voiced his lack of confidence in the temporary government in Punjab and the KP, claiming he was unaware that it was responsible for assaults on his house and party members.


According to the PTI leader, who also noted that his party enjoyed enormous support, “PDM is in the loss because they will lose as and when the elections are held.”

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