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FO and the minister of commerce deny having any official or business ties with Israel.

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No shift in strategy towards Israel, according to a FO spokesperson. Faruqui, the trade secretary, says that Pakistan did not ship anything to Israel. The American Jewish Congress had alleged that an Israeli port had received a cargo from Pakistan. The Foreign Office (FO) and Ministry of Trade and Commerce refuted making any trade with the Middle Eastern country on Sunday amid rumors of a goods exchange between Pakistan and Israel. The first cargo of food items with Pakistani origins was discharged in Israel, according to the American Jewish Congress (AJC), and this resulted in a mutual commerce. FO spokeswoman Mumtaz Zahra Baloch told that Pakistan does not have official or commercial ties with Israel in response to the alleged trade. She insisted, “The strategy has not changed. The news statement from the AJC was incorrectly credited, according to a spokesperson for the ministry of commerce, because it makes no mention of Pakistan’s formal commercial ties with Israel. “Reports of the start of commerce between Pakistan and Israel are sheer propaganda. We don’t currently have commercial ties with Israel and don’t plan to, the spokesperson said. Sualeh Ahmad Faruqui, secretary of commerce and trade, had earlier told The News that Pakistan had not sent any export shipments to Israel and that any assertions to the contrary were just partisan misinformation. The assertion made by the commerce minister was backed up by the customs officers at the Karachi Port. The American Jewish Congress claimed in a declaration on “trade between the State of Israel and Pakistan” that Israel had received the first cargo from Pakistan on March 30. In a deal involving Fishel Benkhald, a Pakistani-Jewish businessman located in Pakistan’s commercial center of Karachi, and three Israeli businesspeople from Jerusalem and Haifa, the first shipment of food goods from Pakistan was unloaded in Israel this week, according to the statement.
Additionally, it claimed that both Pakistani and foreign media outlets covered the purported transaction extensively.   The AJC had stated that although there were no diplomatic relations between the two countries as of yet, their businesspeople and technologists “have forged ahead in pursuit of common prosperity.”   It continued, “Licenses and restrictions that limited trade between Israel and Pakistan were eliminated as a result of this effort [alleged first trade] eighteen years ago.

‘Pak-Israel commerce’ facts

Fishel BenKhald is a Sindh-born Pakistani citizen with Jewish heritage who is a firm supporter of bilateral commercial relations between Pakistan and Israel. He works for a company that produces kosher cuisine.   Fishel stated that he had shipped the first shipment of dates, dehydrated fruit, and seasonings from Pakistan to Israel via the UAE on March 28. He expressed his pride at becoming the first Pakistani to be able to ship goods to Israel. The agreement was made and the cargo was scheduled in the United Arab Emirates, not Pakistan, and the shipment was offloaded in Israel through a private transaction of the Pakistani-Jewish businessman. Additionally, the cargo was designated for the UAE rather than Israel. Israel no longer requires import permits for goods from Pakistan as of 2005. Therefore, no particular licenses or permissions were required to perform this business. Despite the fact that Pakistan was not directly involved in the “trade,” it was overly publicized and handled as formal trade.

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