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The effort of Karachi's "cool commissioner," Hazim Bangwar, to take on a "sporting" role

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Assistant Commissioner Hazim Bangwar of North Nazimabad is presently engaged in a novel initiative that creatively makes use of vacant government areas to promote leisure, sports, healthful, and enjoyable activities for the local populace.

The areas below Karachi’s numerous flyovers and overhead bridges are either left empty or are used as rubbish dumps.

Murtaza Wahab, the administrator of Karachi, had the idea to transform this space into a sports court, and he initially carried it out under Cant Bridge. The area was imaginatively transformed into a vibrant basketball court.

This was first motivated by a video provided by an Indian resident, who demonstrated how a play space was created beneath an overhead bridge to give kids a place to engage in healthful activities.
Bangwar has just made a similar project pledge to his North Nazimabad neighbours.
The assistant commissioner posted photos of his visit to a project site to talk about the work plan on Twitter.
“North Nazimabad, why did you ask for this? You will receive this! “He posted something on Twitter.

Bangwar is a prominent PMS (Provincial Management Services) official and a musician and composer who works as an Assistant Commissioner in North Nazimabad, Karachi. He gained notoriety because of his vivacious demeanour and diverse interests.

He has a strong commitment to funding Pakistani emergency response, environmental, and educational programmes.

The WWF, SOS, Oceana, Amnesty International, Dar Ul Sakoon, Project Aware, and PETA are just a few of the local and international non-profit organisations that Bangwar has contributed to and supported.

He wants to make sure that his organisation, the HBF (Hazim Bangwar Foundation), promotes a wide range of different causes.

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