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Rocket says James Gunn is back for "Guardians 3"

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James Gunn, the director of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, has stated that the conclusion of Rocket’s story arc inspired him to complete the Marvel trilogy since he is the “hidden protagonist.”

The DC CEO stated, “the most essential thing for me was Rocket’s tale, and then, following that, everybody else,” in an interview with Total Film magazine.

“Rocket has always been the centre of the Guardians of the Galaxy for me, and this truly satisfies that. He is the series’ unacknowledged protagonist. I returned and chose to make this movie because I thought Rocket’s tale deserved to be told and that it had been left unfinished in Vol 2 “says he.

The third installment’s portrayal of Rocket’s narrative is “the most crucial thing,” the Marvel director continued.

He did, however, add that Vol. 3 served as a solo movie and wrapped out the ensemble cast plot arc.

He explained that the first film was about the mother, the second was about the father, and the third was about the self. “This trip is what that is.”

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