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NASA has discovered the "greatest of all time" space explosion

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According to CBS News, astronomers from NASA just observed the greatest gamma ray explosion of all time, or “BOAT.”

According to NASA, the explosion took place on October 9, 2022, travelled throughout the solar system, and was 70 times brighter than anything ever observed.

NASA has also posted an informative animation that tries to describe what the gamma-ray burst in space looked like.
It further stated that experts have been researching the incident that “essentially blinded” most of the devices set up to detect such bursts for a number of months.

The information was reproduced using data from American astronomers, and the analysis was contrasted with that of Russian and Chinese astronomers.

According to Eric Burns, an assistant professor of physics and astronomy who studied almost 7,000 such bursts, it was the first since the dawn of human civilization on earth and happens about every 10,000 years.

Before to reaching the planet, the signals that the equipment picked up travelled for 1.9 billion years.
“These bursts are thought by astronomers to be the first screams of black holes, which are created when the huge star cores collapse under their own weight. The black hole swiftly absorbs the surrounding mass and ejects jets in opposing directions with particles travelling almost as fast as light “Via NASA.

After a few weeks of gamma-ray explosion, a supernova will happen, and scientists are currently waiting for it.

Given the brightness of the explosion, Andrew Levan, an astrophysics professor at Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, said, “We cannot declare with certainty that there is a supernova.”

“If anything exists, it is really faint. Although we want to keep searching, it’s also conceivable that the star didn’t explode but rather completely disintegrated into the black hole “he declared.
Astronomers can now investigate far-off clouds and the jets that result from gamma-ray bursts thanks to the explosion.

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