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If Azam Khan loses weight quickly, his power-hitting ability might diminish.

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The cricketer’s coach has spoken out in support of him amid harsh criticism on social media over Pakistani power hitter Azam Khan’s performance in the most recent three-match T20I series against Afghanistan.

Azam, who managed just a single in two games against the neighbours, took a beating for his sluggish reflexes behind the wickets, which also reignited the comments about his weight and health.

Fans and former cricket players questioned the health of the wicketkeeper.

Shehzar Muhammad, Khan’s coach, who has also played first-class cricket and has coached several of Pakistan’s top players, including Azam, called the criticism of Khan’s weight “unfair.”
“While I am aware that an athlete should appear like an athlete, Azam is a heavyweight. Regrettably, cricket lacks divisions similar to other sports like boxing and mixed martial arts. His weight aids in the generation of electricity, “When he was chatting to hp news, Mohammad stated.

The right-handed hitter received a callback to national cricket after scoring a total of 282 runs in 10 PSL 8 matches by being included in the T20I team. Azam was a high choice in the franchise tournament thanks to a few incredible match-winning strikes in Rawalpindi, but as they say in Pakistan, one poor performance may put a player on the block.
Azam was once again criticised for his weight after dropping a vital catch behind the wickets during the second T20I against Afghanistan.

From his debut, Azam has faced this criticism.

Azam shed approximately 30 kg under Shehzar’s guidance a few years ago. Many were startled by his new appearance, which demonstrated the cricketer’s dedication to effort.

“You like Azam’s sixers, strike rate, and propensity to quickly take control of the game. His power and bulk are the source of all of it.
“I’m not saying Azam shouldn’t work on his fitness. If I use Rizwan and Shan as an example, their extreme fitness helps them maintain consistency. There is a distinction in Azam’s case since he has been overweight since he was a toddler, “He underlined.
Azam may be able to drop weight, but it will depend on how well he is cared for, according to Shehzar.

In the event of drastic weight reduction, the trainer insisted, “He might lose power.”

Sarfaraz Ahmed, Azhar Ali, Shan Masood, Mohammad Abbas, and Asad Shafiq were among the numerous national cricket players Shehzar, who participated in 45 first-class matches, coached.

The 31-year-old former cricketer who is now a trainer pleaded with viewers not to condemn Azam based on two subpar outings.
“Don’t judge him based on his two subpar performances. Against the finest spinners in the world, he has the best strike rate. You must allow him room to grow. Why not Azam if you can give Asif Ali enough chances? He has maturity and can help you win games “Finally, he said.

Azam played his first Twenty20 match against England in 2021. He was only able to participate in three T20Is at that time, scoring only six runs. The Pakistani wicket-keeper batsman has participated in five T20I matches thus far.

Azam, on the other hand, has scored 2245 runs in 112 T20 games with a strike rate of 142.44 and an average of 24.40.

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