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Nadia Kahf makes history by becoming first hijab-wearing judge in US court

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Daily Pakistan

Nadia Kahf, a well-known attorney, made history by becoming the first Hijab-wearing judge in the United States. (US).

In the northeastern state of the United States, history was made when Nadia was sworn in as a judge of the Passaic County Superior Court while holding the Quran and her colleagues judges applauded her success.

Although the state judge who advises Wafa House on legal matters is not the first Muslim woman to hold the role, she is the first to cover her head, which the west historically seen as a sign of oppression against women.

Phil Murphy, the governor of New Jersey, chose the lawyer with a Syrian heritage to fill the important position of judge.

She served as head of the board of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ New Jersey branch for the last 20 years.

The head-covering woman’s new accomplishment, however, attracted a lot of attention since it highlights how important diversity and representation are in a developed country.

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