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To assure India's participation in the Asia Cup, PCB suggests a "hybrid model."

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ISLAMABAD: According to The News, which cited sources, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has proposed a “hybrid model” to the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) for the Asia Cup, which would be held in Pakistan in September and feature matches including India that will be played elsewhere.

According to the article, the PCB, while recommending a hybrid format, has also maintained its earlier position that Pakistan will withdraw from the competition if the ACC rejects its suggestion and decides to move the event.

The PCB insisted on hosting the Asia Cup in September or it will withdraw from the competition, sources informed the publication during a series of discussions held over the previous several days in the United Arab Emirates.

In regards to the Asia Cup, the PCB is extremely clear. Pakistan has the right to host the tournament, and if there are any attempts to move the event elsewhere, Pakistan will not take part in those actions.

However, the PCB has suggested a hybrid approach in which some India matches be scheduled abroad to protect the interests of the competition and participating nations. The ACC will study the PCB proposal, which was presented by Chairman Najam Sethi, and respond with remarks, a source told the publication.

The News claims that during the formal and informal conversations held amongst the ACC member countries to resolve the impasse, PCB’s possibilities were explored. Finally, it was proposed that the ACC members take Najam Sethi’s “hybrid model” seriously in an effort to tackle the ongoing problem that has already put the survival of the continent cricket family in jeopardy.

“After the ACC’s input on the PCB’s suggestion, additional decisions will be made. The PCB will, however, be forced to withdraw from the event if the ACC’s revised plan is not in the best interests of Pakistan cricket. Only an event schedule that safeguards the legitimate rights of the nation’s cricket would be accepted by the PCB, according to the official who requested anonymity.

The official, however, withheld information regarding the “hybrid model”.

According to the publication, the PCB will only consider such an offer if it is guaranteed that it will receive the financial rights and actual proceeds from the Asia Cup.

The PCB will not be in a position to carry any additional responsibilities, which in that case would be too heavy, if India is determined about playing its matches on a neutral venue.

The Asia Cup has placed India and Pakistan in the same group, and there is a chance that the two bitter rivals would play each other three times (pool match, super four and the final).

Throughout the next weeks, the ACC is anticipated to give the PCB input on the hybrid model for consideration and approval.

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