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Hassan Niazi's physical remand is not extended, as requested by the police, the court rules.

QUETTA: Seeking a better future for her disabled son, former national hockey player for Pakistan Shahida Raza enlisted human smugglers to get her out of the country. Her life ended this week off the coast of Italy when the boat carrying her and scores of others sank.

According to her friend and former teammate Summaya Kainat, 27-year-old Raza left her home on the outskirts of Quetta, in Balochistan, four months ago for neighbouring Iran and then Turkey, with the aim of eventually reaching Italy or Australia and seeking asylum there.

Raza was a member of the Hazara minority, a community often targeted by militants, and had opted for asylum because she believed it was easier to gain refugee status after illegally entering these countries than to get a regular visa, Kainat added.

“She was the sole breadwinner of the family,” Kainat told Reuters at Raza’s modest family home, while Raza’s widowed mother and younger sister sobbed uncontrollably in a room that had been turned into a makeshift shrine filled with certificates, medals and trophies celebrating her sporting achievements.Hassaan Niazi, the nephew and legal adviser of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, was physically detained by the police on Thursday, but the court in Islamabad refused their request for an extension.


Days after his detention on suspicion of “misbehaving with the police,” the court ordered the police to take him to jail on judicial remand.


After Niazi’s arrest outside an anti-terrorism court (ATC) in Islamabad on Tuesday, a court issued a two-day physical remand, which was completed today when Niazi was brought before Duty Magistrate Murid Abbas’ court.


PTI immediately appealed the ruling at a district and sessions court after the judicial magistrate granted the remand.


The hearing today



Lawyers shouted slogans as Niazi was brought before Duty Magistrate Abbas’ court along with PTI’s legal staff.


The investigating officer (IO) asked for a five-day physical detention of Niazi during the hearing. 

He said that although the co-accused had been located, Niazi’s equipment and car had not yet been located.


Faisal Chaudhary, one of Niazi’s attorneys, retorted: “Why should Niazi be held in jail if the weapons and cars are not in possession?”


He said that after 72 hours, the police were unable to find the car and its owner.


Niazi is a qualified attorney who took three bails on the day of his arrest, Chaudhary claimed, adding that the PTI leaders were the targets of just “political” accusations.

The three-day detention of a lawyer sends the message that PTI supporters will be detained and subjected to torture, Chaudhary claimed.

He also bemoaned the Islamabad police’s degrading treatment of a respectable lawyer.

Ali Bukhari, Niazi’s second legal representative, argued for Niazi’s dismissal from the lawsuit. He argued that the detention of Niazi was “illegal”.

Magistrate Abbas reserved the judgement and made it public after listening to the parties’ arguments.

Niazi will be placed in custody on a court remand rather than being placed under further physical restraint by the police, it was subsequently announced.


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