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Babar is not a natural captain, according to Sikander Bakht.

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Sikandar Bakht, a former Pakistani Test cricketer, has criticised Babar Azam, the captain of the national side, for not being a “natural leader.”

In a recent interview posted on a YouTube channel, Bakht claimed that Babar lacked the traits of a natural leader.
Babar has a lot to learn about being a captain, to be completely honest. There are many people who naturally excel as leaders. He claims that Babar wasn’t destined to be a leader.
“I indicated in my interview that choosing him as captain wasn’t a sensible move. The former cricketer-turned-analyst stated, “I wanted him to show his leadership to rebut my statements, but he didn’t.
Bakht emphasised that Babar’s ineffective captaincy was demonstrated by his failure to utilise Agha Salman and Iftikhar Ahmed with the ball during the most recent Test series.
“Let me provide you with a contemporary example. Babar only permitted off-spinner Agha Salman to bowl two to three overs during one Test, but whole overs during another. He recalled that he didn’t utilise Iftikhar either.
Under Babar’s leadership, Pakistan played nine Test matches in 2022, losing five, winning one, and drawing three. In the home Test series, they were defeated by both Australia and England.
Bakht also questioned Babar’s capacity for leadership while rendering decisions in light of the situation.
Babar appears to routinely deploy scripted captaincy. He jots down the plan and lays it out on the floor. It has zero functionality. A situational game is cricket. Being a competent captain entails having the capacity to think swiftly and react correctly to a variety of situations. The name of our captain is Mushtaq Ahmed, I’ll tell you. He frequently recruited Wasim Raja, one of his era’s top all-around players, to make a breakthrough. Mushtaq employed Wasim so regularly that, just before lunch, he provided the team a breakthrough.
“Babar is a 50% captain, and he has to develop in the other 50%,” he said in his conclusion.
Pakistan has competed in 60 international games under Babar between 2019 and 2022. They had a 40–21 win–loss ratio. In addition, Babar guided the Pakistani squad to the 2021 ICC T20 World Cup semifinals, 2022 ICC T20 World Cup championship game, and 2022 Asia Cup final.

He concluded by saying, “Babar is a 50% captain, and he has to grow in the other 50%.”
From 2019 and 2022, Pakistan participated in 60 international matches under Babar. They had a win-loss record of 40-21. Babar also led the Pakistani team to the semifinals of the 2021 ICC T20 World Cup, the 2022 ICC T20 World Cup title game, and the 2022 Asia Cup final.

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