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Mahira Khan reveals the name of the political party that she finds appealing.

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On Sunday, well-known actor Mahira Khan proclaimed her support for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Imran Khan (PTI).

At “An Evening with Mahira Khan,” which the Pakistani Arts Council held in Karachi, the information was made public.

Mahria engaged in a wide-ranging conversation with renowned humorist Anwar Maqsood, much to the delight of her listeners, in order to help them better comprehend the A-character lister’s and way of life.

The gorgeous actress, dressed in a simple yet elegant golden Saari, talked about politics, her movie The Legend of Maula Jatt, her upbringing, and the need of financial freedom for women in Pakistan.

The last of these topics came up in conversation, and Maqsood queried the Humsafar actress about her preferred political party.
Which of the two or three main political parties in the country do you support? The sardonic host asked.

Mahira smiled for a split second before keeping silent while the audience chuckled. Maqsood then prodded her, saying, “It’s okay, you can tell us.”

The actress then said into the microphone, “There was a movie released recently.

“Do you like the movie?” Maqsood asked.
After a brief second silence, Mahira said, “Mae pathaan ki tarf hun [I stand with pathaan].”
The audience started applauding and laughing at this, and the performer grinned shyly.

The Bol actress also spoke about her professional past and her delight in working with senior actor and Bollywood hero Shah Rukh Khan throughout the course of the evening.

In her analysis of the most recent Pakistan Super League (PSL) match, the former video jockey (VJ) showed her support for Peshawar Zalmi, for which she is a brand ambassador.

The champions of the competition, Lahor Qalandars, were praised by her for their performance.

She claimed that her squad had a lot of “young” and “great” players and would unquestionably win the following championship. Maqsood replied, “I knew you were a PTI fan the day you became the Zalmi ambassador.
It has nothing to do with supporting the PTI, Mahira chuckled.

Yet, it deals with assisting Peshawar, which is connected to the party. Maqsood laughed.

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Har Pakistani Ki Khabar

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