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Zardari dismisses a discussion with Imran.

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VEHARI: Former president and co-chairman of the PPP Asif Ali Zardari took a shot at PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Monday, stating that while conversations could be held with politicians and political parties, they could not be done with the former premier due to his “habit of taking U-turns.”

He was speaking to the press in Vehari.


Imran has done some very bad things, said Zardari, and “had he stayed in power longer he would have further sold out the country’s institutions.”


He declared, “Imran Khan wanted to sell all the institutions of the nation, but we saved Pakistan by toppling him.”


“This is our country, Pakistan, and we cannot sell it or make a deal for it.”


Talks may be done with politicians and political parties, but not with the head of the PTI since he was “not a politician,” according to the PPP leader.


In April of last year, Imran was removed from office by a no-confidence vote.

The PTI chairman frequently advocated doing U-turns in politics, arguing that effective leaders respond to the circumstances at hand.

“Imran would claim he does a U-turn. It is a habit, he would explain. He preferred doing U-turns, notwithstanding the maxim that there is no turning back once a political commitment has been made, according to Zardari.


“Imran claims that the situation [for their countries] would have been different if Hitler and Napoleon had made a U-turn. One who has only read one book about Hitler and Napoleon makes these claims.


In response to a query, the PPP co-chairperson insisted that the interior ministry’s decision to arrest Imran was its “own matter,” adding that “I do not interfere in it.”

Why did the interior ministry call me (before taking Imran into custody)? It would carry out its obligations.


In a dramatic incident on Sunday, the PTI chairman managed to avoid arrest when his supporters stopped the Islamabad police from accessing his Zaman Park home in Lahore.


The warning was sent to Imran’s chief of staff, Shibli Faraz, by the police in exchange for “compliance” with the arrest warrants issued by the sessions court of Islamabad in the Toshakhana case.


In response to a different query, Zardari stated that one must be meticulous in politics and should have served a jail sentence because Imran is unaccustomed to it.


He said that Imran’s victory in the by-election for Rajanpur was not just a result of his popularity. Instead, it was mostly brought on by the populace’s displeasure with how the previous administration had handled inflation.

He stated that while Sindh had concerns over the digital census, the PDM has its “own stance.”


He said that the PPP, not the PDM, was a component of the government.

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari remarked that his son was a “young man who loses his temper very quickly” when asked about his threat to leave the government if pledges to flood victims were not kept.


67 years old, I say. I have made it a practise to keep my cool. Bilawal, who attended Oxford University, claims that the Centre made a commitment but did not keep it.


The PPP leader responded, “we will see when the polls are held” when asked about forming an alliance with other political parties for the next elections.

In response to a different query, Zardari stated that “the judiciary is also from the people in society. We need to speak with them. Previously practising as attorneys, they are now judges.


He responded to worries that Pakistan might go bankrupt by stating that it was a nation and not a “public limited company.”


“Japan and other nations have previously experienced default. Failure to pay debts does not spell the end for a nation.

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