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All black knowledge, not inferior

Every black knowledge is not necessarily false, the purpose of false actions is nothing but harming humanity. There are certain practices of black knowledge in which the operator must be clean. And during the process, it is necessary to avoid every bad act from lying to adultery. On the other hand, sublimation is a completely satanic act and for this act being dirty and impure is the first. Ustad Faizo, a person who learned black knowledge, said. “There are some operations of Sufili in which the perpetrator is required to drink alcohol and commit adultery every day for 41 days. There comes a stage where he has to eat his waste and drink his urine. Waheed, a poor man of New Karachi, has also fallen into a similar depression. Some of the 21-day procedures of Sufili have to be done in the toilet.” Apart from this, in the following operations, the verses of the Holy Quran are usually read upside down (nawzabullah), which completely reverses their meaning. Pervez, a resident of Liaquatabad, who keeps going to the agents to play “bandhash” of his clothes shop and to break the violence against the family, and for the same purpose, he sometimes killed the first rank of his time in Karachi. He also went to Sain. “Ratan Sain used to write taweez with menstrual blood to different people. I had seen this scene many times with my own eyes. Apart from that, he used to have a lot of women who were willing to submit to their husbands. Kar used to instruct that at some point, if you see an opportunity, dissolve this cloth in water and drink it to your husband, he will be more loyal to you than a dog, if you do it, no one will stop you. Parvez said while mentioning an incident from the past. It was about those days when I used to be very worried because the opponents had “bandhed” my cloth shop located in New Karachi through black magic. Lived sick under the influence. I had recovered many times amulets and amulets near my shop and house. was the ruler of “top” and was known to have subdued the black goddess and Hanuman. I remember very well that Ratan Sain after reading something handed me some cloves, needles and sindoor and said that after cutting the cow’s heart in the middle and putting all these things in it, sew it again with a needle thread at twelve o’clock in the afternoon. Throwing in a nearby desert. This will cause such a bite that the one who casts spell on you will become a victim. The next day I bought a heart as per Ratan Sain’s instructions and put the above items in it and threw it on the bank of the river near Saba Cinema at No. 6, New Karachi. Suddenly three or four terrible dogs surrounded me. I had never seen such a scary-looking dog in my life. Instead of hugging my heart, they were staring at me and barking at the same time. I reached home with great difficulty. The next day he went to Ratan and told the whole story, he said, “You fool, I said goat’s heart, you brought cow’s heart, thank you for coming back alive.” Well, let me read you the sindoor and cloves again, hide them in the goat’s heart and throw them away.
Ratan Sain, a resident of Ranchhor Lane, was killed by a Baloch many years ago. Almost all the members of this Baloch family had died due to some unknown disease, he suspected that Ratan Sain had cast black magic on his family by taking huge money from his opponents, so one day, under the pretext, he Ratan was taken to Mayoh Shah graveyard and shot dead. In this way, the most infamous subterfuge of his time met his end. It is said that without the name of Ratan, black magic and black magic in Karachi are not complete for many years and there is hardly any person related to witchcraft who is not familiar with his name. According to the claim of one of his disciples, Goga, who is now coming to learn spiritual knowledge from Syed Ejaz Hussain. “Ratan also had such an act which he used to fly for a long distance after reading it. God knows best

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